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The Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center’s (LRCHC) Optometry Department provides eye examination and eye care services. These include prescriptions for and provision of glasses and contact lenses, contact lens fittings, eye health examinations for early detection of diabetic retinopathy, ocular muscle disorders, macular degeneration, pupil disorders, cataracts, blocked blood vessels in the eye, and other medical conditions of the eye. We provide diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye) in pre-school and school age children. At the clinic we treat eye conditions within the scope of our practice (glaucoma, dry eye, corneal foreign body removal, cataract surgery follow up examinations), and where appropriate, we refer patients to specialists. We look forward to providing eye care health and services.



  • Currently LRCHC Optometry services are limited to Mondays and Fridays in Inchelium for fittings, adjustments, and ordering only.

  • Indian Health Services has contracted with Shopko for vision exams.

  • You must have a provider referral for your vision examination.

  • Please contact Cloey in Referrals if you have further questions regarding the process.

Sorry for the inconvenience in this time of limited providers, we are doing our best to accommodate the needs of Inchelium and Keller communities.

At Lake Roosevelt Community Health Centers, our optometry services are currently available on Mondays and Fridays. This temporary schedule is in place until we fill the optometrist position. We understand the importance of access to eye care services and are actively working to recruit a qualified optometrist to provide comprehensive eye care to our patients. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure uninterrupted optometry services in the future.



Lawanna Hoffman




Monday 7:30-4pm and Friday 7:30-4pm.

To order glasses and contacts ONLY

Tel 1-509-722-7016

Toll Free 1-888-881-7684

Fax (509)722-7635

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