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The Billing Department at Lake Roosevelt Community Health Centers plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial operations of our clinic run smoothly. Here is a description of our Billing Department:


1. Insurance Verification: Our billing department is responsible for verifying patients' insurance coverage and eligibility. This includes confirming the patient's insurance plan, coverage limits, and any pre-authorization requirements.


2. Claims Submission: Our billing team prepares and submits claims to insurance companies on behalf of patients. They ensure that all necessary documentation and coding are accurate and compliant with insurance guidelines.


3. Payment Processing: The billing department handles the processing of payments received from insurance companies, government programs, and patients. They reconcile payments, post them to patient accounts, and update the financial records accordingly.


4. Patient Billing and Inquiries: Our billing team generates and sends out patient statements for any outstanding balances. They also handle patient inquiries regarding billing, insurance coverage, and payment options. They assist patients in understanding their bills and resolving any billing-related issues.


5. Financial Assistance Programs: Our billing department assists patients in applying for financial assistance programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and sliding fee scales. They provide guidance and support throughout the application process to ensure patients receive the financial assistance they qualify for.


6. Coding and Documentation Compliance: The billing department works closely with healthcare providers to ensure accurate coding and documentation of medical services. They ensure that all services provided are properly documented and coded to maximize reimbursement and comply with regulatory requirements.


7. Revenue Cycle Management: Our billing team manages the revenue cycle of the clinic, which includes tracking and analyzing financial data, identifying trends, and implementing strategies to optimize revenue generation and minimize billing errors.


8. Compliance and Auditing: The billing department ensures compliance with healthcare regulations and guidelines, such as HIPAA and billing regulations. They conduct regular audits to identify any potential compliance issues and implement corrective actions as needed.


Overall, our Billing Department plays a vital role in the financial operations of Lake Roosevelt Community Health Centers. They work diligently to ensure accurate billing, timely reimbursement, and excellent customer service for our patients.

Tom Sargent

Tel 509-722-7655
Toll Free 1-888-881-7684
Fax 509-722-3652

Stacy Swan 

Billing Manager
Tel: 509-722-7626
Toll Free 1-888-881-7684
Fax 509-722-3652

Cynthia McCartney

Billing Trainee
Tel 509-722-7657
Toll Free 1-888-881-7684
Fax 509-722-3652

Lawanna Hoffman 

Tel 509-722-7655
Toll Free 1-888-881-7684
Fax 509-722-3652

Lucy Finley 

Billing specialist
Tel 509-722-7617
Toll Free 1-888-881-7684
Fax 509-722-3652


Monday, Wednesday & Friday

7:30am – 4:00 pm

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