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Medical Support Staff

Medical Support Staff at Lake Roosevelt Community Health Centers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our healthcare services. They provide essential support to our medical providers and contribute to the overall patient experience. Here is a description of the responsibilities and contributions of our Medical Support Staff:


1. Patient Assistance: Medical Support Staff assist patients with various tasks, such as scheduling appointments, checking in and out, and verifying insurance information. They provide a warm and welcoming environment for patients, addressing their inquiries and concerns, and ensuring a positive experience during their visit.


2. Medical Records Management: Our Medical Support Staff are responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date medical records. They organize and file patient information, ensuring that it is easily accessible to healthcare providers when needed. They also handle requests for medical records and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.


3. Administrative Support: Medical Support Staff provide administrative support to medical providers and other healthcare professionals. They assist with tasks such as managing phone calls, coordinating referrals, and handling correspondence. They may also assist with billing and coding processes, ensuring accurate and timely submission of claims.


4. Equipment and Supplies Management: Medical Support Staff help manage medical equipment and supplies within the clinic. They ensure that necessary supplies are stocked, instruments are sterilized, and equipment is properly maintained. They may also assist with inventory management and ordering supplies as needed.


5. Patient Education and Support: Medical Support Staff may provide basic patient education and support under the guidance of healthcare providers. They may assist with explaining procedures, providing information on medications or treatment plans, and offering resources for further education or support.


6. Collaborative Teamwork: Medical Support Staff work closely with healthcare providers, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team to ensure coordinated and efficient care. They communicate effectively, share relevant information, and contribute to a collaborative and patient-centered approach to healthcare.


Overall, our Medical Support Staff play a vital role in supporting the delivery of high-quality healthcare services at Lake Roosevelt Community Health Centers. They contribute to the overall patient experience, assist with administrative tasks, and help maintain a well-organized and efficient healthcare environment.

The Medical Departments at Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center (LRCHC) and San Poil Valley Health Center (SPVHC) are dedicated to provide high quality healthcare services to meet the needs of our communities. Our LRCHC/SPVHC clinics offer diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative outpatient services. Our services include but are not limited to chronic health management, labs/x-ray, simple biopsies, and simple sutures. We also offer emergency stabilization assistance to our local EMT/First Responders.

Crystal Stensgar.jpg

Crystal Stensgar

Registered Nurse, Supervisor

Bridget Desautel.jpg

Bridget Desautel

Case Manager, Supervisor


Jennifer Meusy

Patient Registration/Outreach

Brenda Starkey.jpg

Mia Pakootas

Medical Assistant-Phlebotomist/Registered Medical Assistant

Brenda Starkey 

CNA, Medical Assistant-Phlebotomist, Registered X-Ray Technician, Certified Medical Assistant, Lab/X-ray Supervisor

Patricia Brunner.jpg

Arielle Clark

Medical Assistant Trainee

Patricia Jolley

Medical Assistant-Phlebotomist/Registered X-Ray Technician/Registered Medical Assistant

Juliann Munkers.jpg

Juliann Munkers 

Medical Asistant-Certified


Monday – Thursday

7:30AM – 4 PM

Closed Friday

P: 509-722-7064

F: 509-722-3643

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