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Lake Roosevelt Community Health Centers

Inchelium Community Health Center
39 Shortcut Road, Inchelium Washington, 99138
Toll-free 1-888-881-7684 ext. 7006
San Poil Valley Community Health Center
11665 South Hwy 21, Keller Washington, 99140
Medical: (509) 634-7300
Toll free 1-888-881-7684 ext. 7300
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Lake Roosevelt Community Health Centers (LRCHC), is a tribally owned entity that serves the tribal communities of Inchelium and Keller in Ferry County as well as the surrounding areas off the reservation.These tribally managed Health Centers receive funding as a Title 1, P.L. 93-638 contractor and as a Section 330 Community Health Center, and serve native and non native patients.

Comprehensive programs and services are provided at these facilities and include the following: medical, dental, lab, radiology, podiatry,optometry, pharmacy, and physical therapy.

The Tribes provide collaborative and complementary health services in the communities such as mental health, substance abuse, social services, community health, WIC, nutrition, maternal support services and community outreach which are co-located with the health services.
Inchelium Community Health Center
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San Poil Valley Community Health Center
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